Excitic Website Localization Tool

Excitic is a powerful website localization tool that empowers you with all means required to create and maintain multilingual sites. It extracts localizable resources from your website and makes it easy to translate, check and preview translations. When

Localization Toolkit  v.2.0

The Localization Toolkit for LabVIEW allows world wide usage of your software.


Chimera Localization  v.0.6

Chimera Localization installs the French, Italin and Japanese localizations for Chimera 0.

Norwegian Safari Localization  v.1.1

Norwegian Safari Localization allows you to browse the web using Safari, in Norwegian.

Danish Safari Localization  v.0.8.2

Danish Safari Localization is the Danish localization of Safari 0.

Safari Portuguese Brazilian Localization  v.0.9

This is the Portuguese Brazilian localization package for Safari 1.

Blue-tec Localization Suite  v.2.0

The blue-tec Localization Suite is a collection of three small yet powerful applications to help developers create and maintain localizations of their products.

Loc4J - Java Localization Library  v.1.0.2

Loc4J is a java application localization library.

OpenOffice.org Romanian Localization  v.1.0

oo-ro project intends to carry on the task of localization of OpenOffice.

OpenSource ERP Brazilian Localization  v.81010

Brazilian Localization Project for Adempiere ERP OpenSource solution

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